Neo Power Beam C5 RGB


Product Features

Industry’s Highest lumen output
Slim design
Uniformed CCT(color balance) and brightness,
A very durable life time.
Suitable damped area (IP67)
A variety of length option

Easy To Use
· Accurate production lot tracking service for color matching
· Precise length adjustment with 67 and 100mm. (Please refer to index)
· Minimum gab between each light bar with flat-end finish and side feed.
Energy saving
· Suitable for replacing T5, T8 with up to 60% energy savings.
· Industry’s highest lumen output, high performance LED Light Bar.
· Slim design suitable for elaborate space
· Uniformed CCT and brightness
· Constant current structure / Excellent efficiency circuit design
· Lower heat generation circuit design with a very durable life time.
· Suitable damped area (IP67)
· Environmentally friendly : No harmful gas. Low risk of damage and low heat generated.
· Possible to recycle.
· No UV and IR radiation.
· Various type of LED position, quantity, pitch can be chosen by customer’s need.
· A variety of length option helping precise fitting
· Transparent and Milky housing


 ARCHITECTURAL : Channel Sign BL, Exit light, Contour lighting etc.
INTERIOR : Display, Furniture, Shop, Cove lighting, Decorative lighting etc.


  IDVPCH-RGB-3C2-15-67-15-LSC5 IDVPCH-RGB-3C2-24-200-5-LSC5
WD R 625 625
G 460 460
B 525 525
Lumen RGB 390
Beam Angle 120D
Power Consumption(W) 13.0
Input Volt(DC) 15 24
Feed Direction SIDE
Dimming PWM
Temp(℃/℉) Tc 40 / 104 35 / 95
Ta -25~50 / -13~122
IP Rate C5 : IP67
Expected Life Hours 40,000
Body Color Transpanrent / Milky
Net Wt(g / lb) 250 / 0.55
Fix Option N, NJ , DS
Feed Option
Max Serial Connection Length(mm/ft) 3000 / 9.84, 5000 / 16.40(UW) 4800 / 15.75 , 6500 / 21.33(UW)
Length Option Click here to download a brochure for detail length options
                 ※For photometric data, please consult with ID Vision's sales team.