SPECTRA Reflector Lens, T8 Tube Guard (5-Pak)

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4 ft. T8 Light Bulb Reflector Lens

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Our SPECTRA Reflector Lens has been engineered to increase T8 bulb emitting light up to 33% more than MIRO type reflector while providing uniform directional light distribution.
It is simply the best 4ft T8 bulb reflector for any work or public environment. It also serves as a Shatter Protective Shield capable of containing all debris in case of lamp breakage.

Visit CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection site for more detail...


• Effectively directs light down to work areas
• Move the reflector to a different angle of illumination direction where the most light needed.
• It provides energy cost savings.
• The Lexan polycarbonate cover is safe and shatter-resistant from breakage.
• It fits the ordinary fluorescent 4ft. T8 bulb. It also fits 4ft. LED T8 bulb with the same type endcap with fluorescent T8 Bulb.
• Easy-to-install maintenance-free dust repelling enclosure.