Why Reflector Lens?

Reflector Lens is your logical energy-saving choice for upgrading existing lighting systems, increasing ambiance and illumination effectiveness. T8 lamps and fixtures are the most economical and widely used lighting sources around the world. T8 lamps have been effectively used in new construction for decades. They provide high-quality illumination with low energy use. T8s have a high lumen per watt ratio and add superior color rendering using high-efficiency and rare-earth phosphors. T8 lamps with Spectra Lenz achieve a unique combination of cost, energy-saving, and long-lasting appropriate illumination.

Micro-Fused Layered Structure Combined Multi-Polymer with Laser Etching technology

The unique characteristics of our Reflector Lens became possible by utilizing a breakthrough achievement in technology development that fuses the polymer structure to combine multiple polymers in the nano-metric scale. This technology forms polymer alloy structures creating a formation of a continuous 3D structure of precisely aligned polymers. This innovative microstructure control brings about dramatic improvement characteristics compared to existing materials. It minutely disperses the multiple polymers. Multi-polymer technology enables high performance and functionality which could not be achieved conventionally.


Reflectance is increased 99% of which 96% is diffused reflection. Reflection is balanced between blue and red light. The diffused reflectance of mirrored metallic reflection panels is less than 10%. Such panels are only able to reflect the light source in a specified direction. Metallic reflection panels absorb red light, changing the color of reflected light to a bluer tint than the original light source. As the reflectance ratios are low to begin with, the reflected light becomes dark and bluish. It can be seen in the figure above, Spectra Lenz reflects blue light with wavelengths of 400 nm and red light with wavelengths of 700 nm nearly equally, allowing the production of a brighter full spectrum.

SPECTRA Reflector Lens Benefits

- Effectively directs light toward task area
- Enhances colors and improves visual perception
- Allows up to 33% energy savings
- Protects work environment from in the event of T8 lamp breakage
- Easy installation
- Maintenance-free Reflector
- Reduces quantity of lamps required and disposal cost